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The Surface Pro 7 is still one of the best 2-in-1 laptops thanks to its premium design, beautiful display and comfortable keyboard, but this latest convertible tablet is an unexciting iteration that takes two small steps forward and one large step backward. Our real-world gaming evaluation wasn't much better; The racing game Dirt 3 ran at only 36 frames per second on the Surface Pro 7. Microsoft updates its Surface Pro 7 Windows tablet with a powerful Intel Ice Lake chip and a modern USB-C port. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 virtually requires the a Type Cover of some sort, transforming it into a lightweight laptop. NY 10036. © If you need more power, you can buy a $1,499 configuration with a Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD, or go for broke and pay $2,299 for the 1TB version. Learn more about PCWorld's Digital Editions, Conclusion: The best Windows tablet right now, open the Surface Laptop 3 and upgrade the SSD, Powerful Intel Ice Lake CPU boosts performance, USB-C, USB-A ports allow for peripheral flexibility, Lack of Thunderbolt and WWAN option are disappointing. We recommend splurging on the accessory if you need to take hand-written notes, draw pictures or do precise video or photo-editing. The dual front-firing speakers on the Surface Pro 7 can fill a medium-size room with detailed, undistorted audio. While that tops our 30-fps playability threshold, the Surface Pro 6 (81 fps) and the average premium laptop (61 fps) can play the game at much higher frame rates. The 396 nits of brightness that the display puts out is in line with that of previous Surface tablets, and not too far out of line with rival notebooks and tablets. Yes, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is indeed a tablet. You won’t get discrete graphics, but you will get CPU choices up to a Core i7, and generous RAM and storage options. Microsoft sells the same model with 16GB of RAM for $1,399 for the tablet only. Most USB-C hubs already include a microSD slot, however. UserBenchmark will test … Other color options include Poppy Red and Ice Blue. MORE: Laptops with Best Battery Life - Longest Lasting Laptop Batteries. It’s hidden, but still useful. Das Surface Pro 7 hat mich im Test überzeugt. A click of the rubber eraser and the Surface Pro 7 launches the Whiteboard app—not my first choice for drawing, but a real pleasure to use nevertheless. Das Surface Pro 7 brüstet sich in unserem aktuellen Test mit fast allem, was Microsoft zu bieten hat. But as long as point-and-shoot cameras exist, schlepping the microSD card from the camera to the phone remains an easy way to upload your photos. Microsoft's Surface Pro 7 adds USB-C and 10th Gen CPUs, but those welcome additions come at a cost. Like any keyboard, however, the feel is subject to individual interpretation. Surface Pro 7: Up to 10.5 hours of battery life based on typical Surface device usage. The power button and volume rocker are on the top of the tablet. For that, you’ll want the Surface Pro X. There are many good reasons why the Surface Pro 7 won our Editor’s Choice award, as you’ll see in our review. Digital ink flows smoothly as the Pen glides over the display, and the pen connects magnetically to the side of the tablet. or the $50 Surface 3 Type CoverRemove non-product link, they'd both work—I attached each in turn to the Surface Pro 7 and wrote a couple of paragraphs in this review. The Surface Pro 7 is another solid iteration of Microsoft's flagship Windows-tablet 2-in-1, elevated this time by worthy upgrades in the form of a USB-C port and peppy Ice Lake CPUs. That's only a tad faster than the Surface Pro 6's sluggish SSD (203 MBps) and falls far behind the XPS 13 2-in-1 (463 MBps) and the category average (500.4 MBps). Testing conducted by Microsoft in September 2019 using preproduction software and preproduction Intel® Core™ i5, 256GB, 8 GB RAM device. The flap is easy to extend and firm enough to keep the tablet propped up. Inside my somewhat dim basement office, though, the Surface Pro 7 was a pleasure to work upon. Senior Editor, Even so, the screens on the Surface Pro 6 (408 nits), the Apple iPad Pro (484 nits) and the XPS 13 2-in-1 (516 nits) get even brighter. Tablets like Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 tablet have previously offered more flexible port options, and it’s nice to see Microsoft’s prosumer tablet line catch up. There was a nice energy to The Killers' "Mr. Brightside," with the speakers doing a good job of separating the electric guitar so that Brandon Flowers' voice could take center stage. That's nearly 1.5 hours shorter than the Surface Pro 6's (9:20) runtime and worse even than the iPad Pro (13:14) and the XPS 13 2-in-1 (10:57). Competing devices have more vivid panels, including the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (128.4%) and the XPS 13 2-in-1 (113%). The Surface Pro X’s capabilities slightly outshine the Surface Pro 7's: It can connect up to two 4096x2304 displays using its pair of USB-C ports. Visit our corporate site. As you might expect, the Type Cover includes a Microsoft Precision Touchpad, which easily processes taps and other gestures. Apart from a few minor changes, the Surface Pro 7 is, essentially, a Surface Pro 6 with updated 10th Gen Intel Core chips. Don’t—it’s still a key part of the Surface Pro 7’s value. It seems in the case of the Surface Pro 7 Microsoft did not get that memo, as buyers of Microsoft’s latest high-end tablet report of Surface Pro 7 … You will receive a verification email shortly. From the greenish-blue tones in my eyes to my faded red shirt, the camera produced punchy, accurate colors. At this point, Microsoft has done a surprisingly good job of nailing the inking experience. The few new things it brings to the table -- USB-C and 10th Gen processors -- are certainly welcome but not enough to make the Surface Pro 7 a required upgrade if you already own the Surface Pro 6. For context, the Surface Pro 6 completed the task in 23 minutes and 22 seconds, which is right around the category average (22:36). Unfortunately, the camera really struggled with exposure and cast an unpleasant yellowish hue over the library's facade. The integrated Iris Plus graphics in Intel's Ice Lake processors promise improved performance over what we've seen in 8th Gen chips. In some ways, I prefer the older Type Covers, as there’s a happy medium between the need to depress the keys and the desire to glide over them quickly. On a positive note, the Surface Pro 7's panel is brighter than the category average (347 nits). The Type Cover keyboard's glass touchpad is great for productivity and gives the Surface Pro 7 a leg up on the iPad Pro. The older Type Covers feature larger keys, though with less key travel and resistance. The Surface Pro 7 notched 395 nits of brightness on our light meter, which is better than the average laptop but behind last year's Surface Pro 6 (408 nits) and the iPad Pro (484 nits). We’ve beat this drum before, but we’ll sound it again: If the Surface Pro series had Thunderbolt as well as the Surface Connector, you'd have two high-speed I/O interfaces. If you’re looking for a full-fledged computer that’s extremely portable and can even work as a tablet, the Surface Pro 7 is your best choice. There seems to be a compatibility issue with the chip because the Ice Lake CPU-equipped XPS 13 2-in-1 also had problems running this test. For $749, the base model Surface Pro 7 comes equipped with an Intel Core i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. PCWorld |. My fingers appreciated the smooth, soft coating on the 4 x 2.1-inch touchpad, and I had no problems executing Windows 10 gestures, like pinch-to-zoom or two-finger scrolling. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7, the latest in the company’s excellent Surface Pro series, continues the tradition of being a durable, dependable tablet for the ages. We were sent the Charcoal Signature Type Cover to accompany the Surface Pro 7. Not only is the panel detailed and fairly vivid but it also gets superbright. Still, the large, chunky bezels give it a rather dated look. Testing … It's a good solution for turning a tablet into a laptop but I hope Microsoft can craft a more elegant mechanism in the coming years. Here are the full specs: Optional accessories: Surface Pro Signature Type Cover ($160 on AmazonRemove non-product link), Surface Pen ($100 on microsoft.comRemove non-product link). But they cost a lot less. According to our colorimeter, the Surface Pro 7's display covers 102% of the sRGB color gamut, which surprised me given how saturated the colors look. MORE: The Best Surface Pro Alternatives (Many of Them Are Less Expensive). Microsoft bleibt dem Konzept eines leichten, leistungsstarken und flexiblen … Christian Bale's indigo-blue Ford GT40 race car shimmered on the saturated panel as it sped around a track in pursuit of its blood-red Italian rival in the trailer for Ford v Ferrari. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Despite all the praise we've given the design over the years, it's time for a new recipe. The long magnetic strip at the top of the keyboard feels a bit weaker than usual in this current version of the Signature Type Cover. Vor allem durch die super Performance und die gute Mobilität erreicht der Neuling eine … The rear-facing camera offers normal and panorama photography, plus document-scanning and whiteboarding options. Testing conducted by Microsoft in September 2019 using preproduction software and preproduction Intel® Core™ i5, 256GB, 8 GB RAM device. Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book 1: See Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book experiences “phantom” touch input on the screen. Enter the email address of your device account. MORE: Which Surface Is Right for You? The thick stylus was very comfortable to hold and I didn't notice any lag when sketching an arcane cat drawing. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 offers the same tablet experience as in years past: Prop it up with its iconic kickstand, connect the “optional” Surface Signature Keyboard (that you’ll want unless you’re seriously tablet-centric), and get to work. Surface Pro 7: Up to 10.5 hours of battery life based on typical Surface device usage. Microsoft removed the miniDisplayPort connector and replaced it with a USB-C port. Microsoft hasn't moved to OLED technology yet, unfortunately. The Type Cover's backlit keys are large, well-spaced and offer surprisingly deep travel. My favorite thing about the keyboard is how effortlessly my fingers bounced among the letters thanks to the clickiness of the keys. Beim Kauf kann man zwischen einem Intel Core i3, Core i5 und Core i7 Prozessor wählen. The Surface Pro 7 includes a one-year limited warranty. And while 10th Gen Intel chips provide a nice performance boost to the Surface Pro 7, it comes at the expense of battery life. I'm also a big fan of the Poppy Red version Microsoft sent us and can't wait to see the new Ice Blue look in person. You’ll have to buy a Surface Pen, sure. My favorite thing about the keyboard is how effortlessly my fingers bounced among the letters thanks to the clickiness of the keys. Our Surface Pro 7 test unit shares an Intel Core Ice Lake processor with the Surface Laptop 3 (for Business), a substantial improvement in processing power from the prior generation. Even the displays on the Surface Pro 6 (136%) and the average premium laptop (130%) offer a wider range of colors. Microsoft didn't add any additional software on the Surface Pro 7 that isn't already included with Windows 10 Home. In our tests, the Surface Pro 7 fell more than two hours short of the 8 hours and 45 minutes that the 2018 Pro 6 achieved in our local battery rundown test. The lens accurately captured the subtle purple colors in a photo of flowers I snapped outside the New York City Public Library. I also never worried about the keyboard coming detached from the tablet. Dafür bekommt der Nutzer ein Gerät, das sich mit der … In the Surface Pro 7's case, its USB-C port (specifically USB 3.1 Gen 2, at 10GBps, using DisplayPort 1.4) will accommodate a pair of external 4K displays at 60Hz. Other than that future-proof edition, the Surface Pro 7 has the same connections as its predecessor; You'll find a USB 3.1 Type-A and magnetic Surface Connect port (for charging) next to the USB-C input on the right side. There wasn't any lag or missed taps as I browsed the web using my fingers and the optional Surface Pen. It’s measurably better this time around, too, with an internal upgrade to Intel’s 10th-gen, 10nm Ice Lake chip and a nod to the future, a USB-C port. In a high-speed crash scene, the high-res panel was so detailed that I could see pieces of debris and chunks of soil shooting into the air. Again, Microsoft nailed the metallic red color on the pen's aluminum chassis. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, The Best Laptops for Business and Productivity, Can I still run Windows software on an M1 Mac, Headphone/Mic, microSD, Surface Connect, USB 3.1, USB Type-C, Worse battery life than last year's model. Sure, Microsoft would like you to upload your smartphone photos directly to the cloud. Da das Surface Pro 7 das gleiche Chassisdesign besitzt wie das Surface Pro 6, verweisen wir an dieser Stelle auf unseren bestehen Test zum Surface Pro 6 für weitere … It took anywhere between 23 minutes and 40 minutes for the Surface Pro 7 to convert a 4K video to 1080p resolution. Well, this is disappointing. Microsoft still sells the Surface Pro 7's Surface Pro Type Cover ($129) and the Surface Pen ($99) separately, so you'll spend at least $878 to make the Surface Pro 7 a convertible and $977 for the full package. The Surface Pro 7 keeps the same aesthetic ingredients of its predecessors. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Test-Fazit Das Surface Pro 7 (Testnote 2,2) gehört zu den größeren und schweren Tablets. Wir beginnen den Test mit der Hardware und Performance, denn im Vergleich zum Surface Pro 6 hat sich fast nur im Inneren etwas geändert. Available in matte black and silver, the Surface Pro 7 is a slim magnesium slate with a shiny Microsoft logo on the rear kickstand.

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